Ladner Rnd 2

A brisk day at the bowl that was filled with all kinds of rad.



Lemmy's return to the Vogue and speaking of returning, my hearing hasn't since the show. Feb 7th 2011

Ladner Rnd 1

A much needed sesh at the Ladner bowls after not stepping on a board for months. Joined by the airtime arseholes Miller and Pragzy.

Untitled from rory doyle on Vimeo.

Another scoot joins the fam...

I joined my good pal Greg on a quick road/ferry trip to The Sunshine Coast to pick up his new project: a 1974 CB 360. She's been to hell and back but wildman is more than excited to give her some grease and love. whew!!

Lady and the Trump

We purchased a super rad super old Triumph peddler from an antique shop this week end for my wife. The transaction went like this:

Me: This is so rad, can i buy this?
Her: Ha. right. you have too many bikes.
Me: Pffft, fine.
Her: Can we please get this bike... for me.

Fair enough. She's got the rat trap though so she's carrying the sixer of coldies.

The Donald

The Trumpy is slowly but surely coming along. I'm almost looking forward to fall so i can put some serious shop hours in without feeling bad about missing out on the sunshine...